Lila Faith: 4 Month Time Capsule

July 23, 2015 Lila Faith.  She is the absolute sweetest baby.  I can't stop kissing her sweet little cheeks or squishy legs.  As the summer begins to wind down, I am savoring all these baby cuddles before school starts back up.

This month I want to remember:

-Lila is SOOOOO close to rolling over, but hasn't quite made it all the way yet.  I think she'll be rolling by next month.  She actually might be closer to sitting up than rolling!  She is very strong and tries to sit up on her own at every opportunity.  Lila likes to put weight on her legs while watching her big sister, Charlotte, playing.

-She is much more interested in toys now.  She reaches for them, grasping them in her hand and bringing them to her mouth.

-Speaking of her mouth, Lila likes to blow very wet raspberries and has started the drooling phase :-)

-Lila started laughing within the last month.  She likes to giggle when we say "boo" and I have caught her laughing and smiling at Lily a few times.

-I just love her little feet.  She likes to curl up her cute toes like she is trying to grab on to things with them.

-Lila had her first dip in the ocean this month!  Our trip to Calabash/Sunset Beach with Aunt Carly and Uncle Mark was so much fun! July 16, 2015July 18, 2015-3July 18, 2015-4July 20, 2015-2July 27, 2015-2 July 08, 2015-9 July 09, 2015-4