What is your pricing?

Photography is a priceless gift to yourself, your family, and your children.  It is an investment that you will NEVER regret.  I am an all-inclusive photographer, meaning that you get all of the digitals with a print release along with a print credit to spend on products if you would like.  My session fees are very simple and easy because you have enough to worry about right now!  You can find all pricing information HERE.



How and when should I pay?

I accept cash, personal check, and credit card.  You will be asked to pay a deposit upon booking and then the remainder of your balance will be due at the time of your session.  Payments for packages that involve three sessions such as The Motherhood Journey, etc. are split into three payments and will be detailed in your quote.

Do you have a studio?

No, not yet!  I have plans to build a studio in my basement, but for now I am an on-location photographer ONLY.  Lifestyle newborn sessions and in-home family/maternity sessions are held in the comfort of your home.  Fresh 48 hospital newborn sessions are held in your hospital room.  Outdoor sessions are held at some of my favorite parks in the area.  I do take special requests for locations into consideration, but any fees associated with locations that are not on my preferred list will be billed on your invoice. 

Don't worry!  Great photography is more about love and connection...and most importantly LIGHT!  I am experienced at going into homes and finding great spots that will emphasize the focus on your family.  You should know that I do often ask if it is ok to move a few pieces of furniture to find the perfect light!  

Are you sure my home can be a good location?  

Can we include  our dogs in our session?

Yes!  I have two big furbabies myself and I understand how important they are to your family.  I recommend including them at the beginning of a session and having treats and an attention-grabbing toy handy.  If we will be outdoors, please do not forget waste bags.  Please keep an open mind about the type of images we will achieve when we include dogs.  Sometimes we luck out and they behave great, sometimes we just have to embrace the chaos.  Either way, it’s your real, true life and it will be beautiful.



It's natural to feel a little self-conscious about your changing shape.  I've been there!  (Still there actually!)  Let me reassure you that you will look beautiful in your images.  I will pose you in a way that is flattering and will leave you feeling proud and confident.  Maternity photography is such a wonderful gift to give your child!  One day, they will be old enough to ask you, "Mommy, what was it like when I was in your tummy?" and you will be able to show them the love and excitement you felt during your pregnancy.

I feel self-conscious.  Should I take maternity photos?



what is baby-led posing?