Lila Faith: 5 Month Time Capsule

August 24, 2015 So school started and I had a bunch of sessions and now I'm two weeks late posting Lila's 5 Month Time Capsule!  I also totally forgot to put her little 'watch me grow' onesie in the crib.  Oops!  There's no way I was retaking it though because this smile is just so darn sweet.  It's been a whirlwind going back to school but we are in a good routine now and things are cruising along.

Things to put in the time capsule this month:

-Lila hasn't rolled over just yet, but she is soooooooo close.  She will see something interesting and get all the way on her side, but that's as far as she cares to go.  I think she's just perfectly content staying on her side because she seems like she's got the capability, but just doesn't really feel like it.  So laid back!

-Her hair.  The fluffy mohawk has reached new heights.  No matter where we go, people want to pet the mohawk.  How high will it go before eventually succumbing to gravity?  Only time will tell.

-Lila loves to grab her sweet chubby little feet.  This is my favorite baby-ism so I'm loving it.

-Our sweet Lila started daycare for the first time this month.  She's doing great and mom only shed a few tears ;-)

-Her little wide-mouth toothless grin is so adorable.  I wonder when she will get teeth?  Enjoying the gummy look for now. :-)

-You better believe that I kiss those yummy cheeks every single opportunity I get!!