Lila Faith: 3 Month Time Capsule

June 29, 2015  

Look at that sweet smile!!

This month I want to remember:

-These smiles that melt your heart!

-The soft ah-goo noises she makes along with the obligatory beautiful spit bubbles.

-Lila loves to kick and splash in her bathtub.

-Speaking of baths, she has a lot more hair than her sister did at 3 months.  After it thinned out a bit last month, it is starting to grow back in a bit :)  It sticks straight up!

-She likes to stick her tongue in and out like a little lizard.

-Lila loves watching big sister, Charlotte, and taking in her environment.

-We very rarely hear her cry.  Sometimes, I hear her on the monitor and she's just lying there cooing and kicking her feet...straight chillin'!