Dot Com

Thanks to my thoughtful hubby, this blog is now officially :-)  What a sweet Mother's Day gift...along with a new 'nifty fifty' lens for my camera!  Love him SO much!  I am thinking of having business cards made with the blog address on it so that I can pass them out when people ask about my the sweet older lady at Zumba today. I saw her coming at me and started to self-consciously put my arms in front of my tummy just in case she was going to ask me if I was pregnant.  Instead, she told me I had a great figure-  ha!  and then she asked if I was in college...I instantly felt young and skinny!   After thanking her and telling her that no, I wasn't in college, she asked the natural question..."Do you have kids?"  Why else wouldn't I be at my day job like everyone else?  So, I told her I did have a daughter and tried to explain Callie's story.  In between gyrating and hip-thrusting Zumba moves.  Oh, and poor thing was hard of hearing (and possibly blind, from her earlier comments) so I had to explain VERY LOUDLY.  Yes, business cards would be very helpful indeed.  I need to get on that....with my new dot com address!!  Woohoo!!

Many thanks for the sweet messages on Mother's Day.  I feel fortunate to have so many wonderful people in my life.

xoxo, Kristin