Mother's Day

I am posting a poem that a friend sent to my online support group.  I hope that all of the mothers out there today enjoy their special day.  Whether it is a day of somber remembrance or joyful celebration, live this day with emotion...whatever those emotions may be. To my mother and grandmothers, I love you.

To Callie, I miss you sweet girl.


A few little letters arranged just so... A word that means much more than you will ever know.

In hopes you feel a special joy, if only for awhile... and perhaps for a moment,  you will find a way to smile.

This title is now indelible upon your immortal soul... in hopes you forever feel special in this role.

Even though our time was short from the moment of my birth,  you are honored in heaven  and you are honored on earth.

Separated by a little time, our loves grows strong, and when we look back, it won't seem very long.

When someday we are joined where we are meant to be you will truly see, MOM you are still everything to me.