Hudson Thomas: 11 Month Time Capsule

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I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that Hudson will be turning ONE on April 25th!  It fills me with sadness to know that our last baby is reaching the end of his babyhood and is rapidly approaching the toddler years.  This past year was pretty crazy and I definitely wish that I could go back and just slow down and ENJOY things a little more...I know I did my best, but man, it's such a hard pill to swallow knowing that once this is done, that's it.  No more babies. No more baby stuff.  No more baby smells.  No more baby cuddles. WAHHHHHHHH!! 

This little boy puts the BIGGEST smile on my face.  Seriously.  His smile is just so infectious and it tugs on my heartstrings every single time.  I love his sweet cheeks, fuzzy hair, chubby feet, and adorable giggle with everything I have.  It is so wonderful seeing him interact with his sisters and to watch the father-son bond won't be long until he is running around keeping up with everyone!

Here are the things we want to remember forever:   

Hudson's 11 Time Capsule:

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-This boy is ON THE MOVE!  Once he started crawling, he took off and does not stop until you put him kicking and protesting into his crib to "sleep" (yep, still not the best sleeper).  He is so much happier now though that he can get around and he will play contentedly for ages, just happy as can be.  On the other hand, he doesn't want to miss anything and will get pretty mad at us for picking him up when he is in the middle of something mischievous or if we have the AUDACITY to change his diaper.

-We recently went to Bethany Beach for a quick getaway and Hudson loved crawling so much that he crawled right off of our beach blanket and made a beeline for the ocean.  I gave up on trying to keep him contained and just let him get messy.  He was in heaven!

-If I could pick a cartoon alter ego for him, it would be Curious George, 100%.  Hudson's curiosity is really fun to watch (and also a little teensy bit exhausting to parent- ha!).  He is into EVERY. SINGLE. THING.  everysinglething. He loves opening and shutting things, especially the bathroom door and he laughs hysterically when you try to open it and he shoves it shut back in your face.  He also enjoys drawers, pots and pans, dog food and water dishes, dog toys, and doorstoppers.

-Teeth!  so many teeth!!  I love his new toothy grin!

-One of the silly things Hudson has done from the beginning is that when he is really tired, he shakes his head back and forth like he is saying "NO".  He still does it to this day and it took us FOREVER to make the connection that the head shaking was a sleepy cue.  Now knowing how much he hates naps, I think he literally is trying to say "NO NAPS!!"

-One of his favorite games is Peek-a-boo and he will even start the game on his own with a blanket...especially with his sisters who love to make him belly laugh.

-Hudson is making progress with solid foods, but is still not a major fan.  Mostly he is irritated that we are interrupting his crawling time- so if we give him a toy to play with, we can manage to distract him enough to shove some spoonfuls of food into his mouth.  So much for wanting to play with his food!  Actually that's not true...he does love playing with finger foods.  He loves throwing them, pounding them into smithereens, and feeding them to the dogs.  More and more lately, though, (if you pretend like you aren't watching) he has been eating the occasional puff, Cheerio, or bite of toast.  

-One big thing that Hudson is doing is waving and saying "Mama" and "Daddy".  We weren't sure if those were legit names or just babbles at first, but I think it's consistent enough now that we can say he knows our names.  (Daddy came first, by the way...once again!)

-All of that waving allows him to bring major game with the ladies and he enjoys flirting with any women that he meets.  Hudson loves to play hard-to-get by acting bashful for a few moments but then he turns on the charm and everyone we meet is just wrapped around his little finger.

-Lastly, about a week after he turned 11 months, Hudson had his first Easter!  We had the BEST time getting him all dressed up.  Who said boys' clothes can't be cute??

Wow, that was a big month for you, little man!  It's kind of mind-blowing to see how much you have changed in just a few short weeks.  Can you slow down a little bit??  This stage is really fun and, let's be honest, I am kind of scared for the moment you take your first PLEASE just take your time getting there and let's enjoy this adorable, sweet, curious, adventurous stage that you are in now.  

We love you!