Lila Faith: Three Years Old!

March 22, 2018.jpg

Our sweet little Lila is three years old today!  I can't believe how fast time has flown feels like just a blink of an eye to when she turned two!  

Here are a few things for Lila's three year old time capsule that we'd like to remember forever:

-Lila talks in her own little language sometimes.  She is quiet around people she doesn't know very well, but when she warms up...WATCH OUT!  She doesn't ever STOP talking.  Good luck understanding everything she says because it sometimes comes out so fast that you have no idea what in the world she is saying!

-We love the way she says "Wuv you!" and "Cuddle Me!" when she is being a cuddle bug.  Some other cute Lila expressions:

  • "It's snowflakin'!"
  • "I have a burger in my nose!"
  • "It's my 'irfday!"

-One over her favorite foods is cinnamon 'bun buns' that is our Saturday morning breakfast tradition!

-Lila loves to read and "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" is one of her faves right now.

-Her giggle is infectious and she loves to make her little brother, Hudson, laugh.

-You can always find Lila carrying around little trinkets and you can count on finding them in the strangest places!

-Lila *LOVES* being fancy and requests (ok, demands!!) to wear 'church dresses' almost every single day.

-And as always, those big brown eyes, wavy hair, and delicious cheeks!

We love you SO much Lila-lou and can't wait to see what three looks like for you!


Mommy and Daddy