Lila's Time Capsule: 2 Months

May 23, 2015  

Lila turned 2 months old last weekend!  She is just the sweetest thing and we are loving seeing her be more alert this month.  I've had my hands full chasing Charlotte around and caring for Lila at the same time so this will be a quick one.  Funny, Charlotte's 2 month time capsule was the same way!  Maybe it's something about that age ;-)

Memories for the time capsule:

-Lila LOVES being in the Baby Ergo carrier and I have become a full-fledged 'babywearer'

-After mastering smiling last month, Lila now coos when she is happy and it is the sweetest sound ever.

-Her hair is thinning, it started in the front and is spreading to the back.  She has a TON more hair than Charlotte at this age though!

-At her 2 month check-up, Lila weighed 10lb, 5oz. and she was 25% in weight, height, and head circumference.  She is wearing a size one diaper but is still wearing newborn clothing because the 0-3 size swallows her up.  It won't be long now though!  The doctor says she is growing very well which is very happy news!

-Everything is smaller about Lila...including her cries.  Her cries are so delicate and soft!

-She may be small, but she is strong!  Lila can lift her head up during tummy time and holds her head up when pulled to a sitting position by her arms.  :-)