Lila Faith: 1 Month Time Capsule

one month How is this little sweetie pie one month old already?  It has been so fun getting to know this new little one that we have been so blessed with.  Her first few weeks were quiet ones, where she only cried when she was hungry or needed a diaper change.  The most noise actually came from her big sis as she adjusted to all the commotion that a new baby brings.  Now, the tables have turned... Charlotte has settled into the new routines and loves checking on her baby sister while Lila has grown a little uncomfortable with bouts of reflux :-(  Poor baby!  She is so very sweet and we just love her to pieces!

April 27, 2015-3

Memories for Lila's 1 Month Time Capsule:

-First smile:  I know they say that babies don't have a social smile until 6-8 weeks, but little Lila has given us several sweet smiles that are definitely not reflexes or gassy ;-)  Her big sister gave us early smiles too!  It's so fun to see her little grin in response to my goofiness.


-Lila makes the sweetest little noises when she's cuddling with us.  She sounds like a little baby chipmunk :)

-She loves to snuggle and be held.  Sweet baby snuggles are the best!


-This girl is a pooping machine!  Lila might not like me documenting this one, but it's kind of our running joke.  She sneezes and poops.  Smiles and poops.  Eats and poops.  Pampers is going to make a fortune off of us!

-Her spiky hair.  When her hair is freshly washed, it sticks straight out in all directions and then eventually settles into a faux-hawk that is super trendy ;-)


-Lila LOVES her swing.  She loves to take little catnaps in the swing when Mommy's hands are full.  Charlotte hated the swing, so this is new for us!


It's so fun finding out all the things that make Lila her own little person.  We can't wait to see what the next month brings!