Mother's Day 2014 and Belated May Kindness for Callie


I thought that Mother's Day would be no big deal by now, but I know now that I need to expect it.  The tugs on my heart, the delicate balance of joy and sorrow, the bittersweetness of it all.  I thought about Callie constantly this past week, I dreamt about her, and I saw her in my daily life when little yellow butterflies danced past me in the sunlight.  I treasured every snuggly hug from Charlotte, wiped away each tear, and spent extra time playing and laughing with her. John did an amazing job of making Mother's Day perfect for me.  I enjoyed breakfast in bed, a sweet present, church and garden time, and a wine tasting at a local vineyard on a beautiful day.  He made sure I felt special as a mommy to both of our girls and for that I am grateful.

At church, the pastor showed a video that resonated with me:


"But in the everydayness of these moments you start to feel it...

the weight of glory, the glorious ordinary

and on your quietest, least interesting days

you get better at hearing the music of motherhood...

There is no part of your everyday wash and rinse and repeat routine that isn't significant

You make the music, that makes the life, that gives the rhythm to the day in and out and again...

You are braver than you know

because, you mother."

(excerpt from the video "Here's To the Mothers" by Lisa-Jo Baker)


I'm so glad that I have the privilege of being Charlotte and Callie's mother.  Callie made me a mom.  She made me strong and taught me so much about life even though she herself did not live very long.  She taught me to feel "the glorious ordinary" and hear the "music of motherhood".  There isn't a day that has gone by that I haven't found something significant in my "everydayness".  Callie made me a better mother for Charlotte, the girl I am so lucky to hold each day.  Each day, I find something in her to soak up and enjoy.  Her diaper squishing as she toddles away from me.  Her sweet, sincere hugs that I hold onto no matter where, no matter when.  Her laughter when the dogs lick up the mess she makes.  I hear her music.  I am listening.





I am SO late on posting May's Kindness for Callie theme!  Oops!  Originally, I had planned to do a 'veterans' theme this month, but I decided to change it to "Spring" and combine veterans with armed forces in July :)  Here's a few ideas!  I'd love to hear what else you can think of!  Big thanks to Ginger for donating to Ainsley's Angels last month to help her friend raise money as she pushed her daughter in a wheelchair in a half marathon.  So cool!!  xxoo