Charlotte's Time Capsule: One Year Old!!


Charlotte-birthday-smash-50edit2 Our baby is one.

One year ago today, the doctors and nurses exclaimed, "Happy birthday!" as they pulled Charlotte out of my womb, cut the cord, and brought her around to us, screaming and pink.  She was strong and healthy and has remained so to this day.

One year ago today, we noticed that Charlotte had the most endearing dimples and a sweet disposition.  She made us smile from the very beginning.

One year ago today, our hearts were full to the brim with joy, love, and laughter.  What a special day that was.

Today, our baby girl is one.  I have spent pretty much every day of this past year in complete awe and wonder of life itself because she is now in it.  Charlotte continues to amaze me on a daily basis and I simply can't get enough.  Watching her grow and develop has been the greatest living testament to the wonders of God I have ever known.

My heart aches a little knowing how fast time is flying by.  When I look back at the past year, I get sad knowing that I can't go back and do it all over again.  Oh, I wish I could!  From what I have heard though, there are only better things to come.  So that is what is keeping me going right now.  The promise of our amazing future.  Hope abounding.  And lots of love.

Things to put into Charlotte's last time capsule as she turns one year old:

-This is a big one!  We have a walker on our hands now!  Charlotte took her first steps on March 25th and hasn't slowed down one bit.  Each day she grows steadier and steadier.  And we can pretty much forget about sitting down anymore!  We are constantly on the go :-)

-Charlotte's favorite pastime this month (besides walking!) is reading books.  She's always enjoyed reading, but now she simply can't get enough of it.  She loves to help turn the pages and look at the pictures as we read.  She loves it so much that she has been known to fling herself backwards with dramatic flair when we have to finally pry the books away from her for bedtime.  (We've even had to put a book in her crib a time or two just to get her to sleep!)  Looks like she takes after me after all!

-I *think* she said "Momma" for real this month, but she hasn't said it again so I'm not sure.  She also says something that sounds like, "Hi dogs!" or "Hi dad!" as she waves.  We get the occasional "Uh oh" as well :)

-Her first birthday cake!  She didn't hesitate to explore the cake's icing, but didn't get as messy as I thought she would.  She loved it regardless!





I love this girl so much.  I hope she always knows that.

Happy birthday Charlotte Grace!  Mommy and Daddy love you like crazy.