Charlotte's Time Capsule: 8 Months


*Re-edited to correct typo!  8 months old, not 9!  ;-) I was going down memory lane this morning…scrolling through the last eight months of pictures.  It is amazing how much Charlotte has grown and changed since the day she was born.  I said this last month, but I'll say it again…she is SO MUCH FUN right now!

Memories for the time capsule:

-Charlotte desperately wants to crawl.  She stretches and pivots, pushes forward with her toes, and extends her limbs like Superman.  It's quite comical.  In the end, she usually just does a few barrel rolls to get to her destination.  We've seen her get up on her hands and knees a few times so I wouldn't be surprised if she's officially 'on the move' by next month.


-Her monkey feet…  when I'm nursing her, she takes her feet and holds onto my arm with them like a little baby monkey grasping a vine.  It's adorable.

-Charlotte can stand up all by herself while holding onto something.  Maybe she'll walk before she crawls?


-She literally says "Goo Goo Ga Ga".  I love her baby talk.

-She has also said Mamamamamamama which I would love to think is me, but really it's just babble.

-Update on her eye color:  I *think* they are green with some gray mixed in.  Her little brown eye freckle is here to stay!


-Charlotte enjoyed Sweet Potatoes and Turkey (pureed) on Thanksgiving.


-This girl definitely has a sense of humor.  Recently, she thought it was funny to pretend like she was asleep.  She squinted her eyes shut and then would open them when we laughed.  It was hysterical!  I didn't know babies this age could do stuff like this on purpose just for laughs.  She definitely inherited her Daddy's ability to make people smile :)

-First trip to see Santa.  She told him she wants an iPhone, a remote control, and a water bottle for Christmas.  These are her favorite "toys" (a.k.a. she rips them out of our hands so that she can slobber on them).

visit with santa

-I could probably say this every month, but I just love it when she falls asleep in my arms.  If I could pick one thing to do forever, it would be this.

Happy 8 months to our sweet Charlotte!