Charlotte's Time Capsule: 7 Months

7 month photo I can't tell you how many times I look at Charlotte and marvel at what a miracle she is.  A perfectly normal, everyday miracle.  And…she is SO FUN right now. All smiles and giggles.  Cuddles and kisses.  We have been soaking it all in and trying to commit as much of this stage to memory as possible.

Memories for Charlotte's Time Capsule this month:

-We went away for the first time without her.  Nana and Pops took great care of Charlotte.  We came home to a much busier little girl.  She loves to play:  rolling around to find toys, stretching to reach things just out of her grasp, bouncing in her exersaucer.  I swear she will be crawling before long!

-Charlotte has mixed in lots of babbling with her high-pitched squeals of delight.  She has so much to say these days.

-We *think* that there may be a tiny bit more peach fuzz on that beautiful head of hers.  Still not sure what color her eyes are.  There isn't a word for them.  Well, besides beautiful, of course.

-Charlotte looooves to give the most slobbery wet kisses.  She will reach up, grab your face, and pull you close with her mouth wide open, tongue out!  At first, I chalked it up to teething (she puts everything in her mouth!), but then I realized she was aiming for my mouth.  Open mouth French kisses are apparently her thing.

-Her rolls.  I just love her chunky baby fat rolls.  One day, they will disappear.  Will I wake up one day to discover that they aren't there anymore?

-She has a budding sense of humor that she clearly got from her Daddy.  Last weekend, she made silly faces over and over again just to make us laugh.

-Speaking of laughing, her giggle is absolutely hilarious and so contagious.  I just can't get enough of her.

-We call this pose "Chill Mode".  She puts both hands behind her head when she's sleeping.  Charlotte has been doing this for months now and I can't get enough of it.  Life is good, baby.  Life is good.


-Oh, and I can't forget her first Halloween!  Charlotte was a cowgirl :)

IMG_2453 IMG_2452


Enjoying all the small Charlotte-isms.  Thankful for our sweet, happy, and fun baby girl.