Charlotte's Time Capsule: 6 Months

6 Months SIX MONTHS!  I cannot believe that it is our baby's half-birthday.  Time is flying much faster than I would like it to.  It's been such a fun month with our spunky little girl!

Memories to add to Charlotte’s time capsule this month:

-Charlotte can sit up all by herself now!  She looks like such a big girl when sitting on her own.  :-)

-Two little bottom teeth have popped their way up...which explains why EVERYTHING is going in her mouth.  Those suckers are sharp!

-We started giving Charlotte solid foods this month.  The first few bites were full of hilarious expressions, but she has grown to love it more and more.

-Soft fuzzy light brown hair is starting to fill in all over that cute little noggin'

-We are treated to daily "concerts" by our little soprano.  She loves to squeal and squeak at the top of her lungs.  We think she will give Mariah Carey a run for her money when it comes to her vocal range!

-I love it when she straightens her legs and points her little toes like a ballerina when she is lying on her back and she gets excited.  Her arms flap up and down excitedly!

-Charlotte is very curious about EVERYTHING and likes to play with new things.  She is excellent at finding tags on things.  It's her favorite game!

-Her baptism was this past month and it was perfect in every way...more on that in another post.

Looking forward to Charlotte's first Halloween and more beautiful fall weather.  :-)