Charlotte's Time Capsule: 5 Months


charlotte 5 months Happy five months to our sweet and cheerful little girl.  Her personality is really starting to take shape and we love watching her grow and learn.  I feel like every day she is trying something new!

Memories to add to Charlotte's time capsule this month:

-Blowing raspberries is her new favorite things to do.  They are so cute...and WET!

-She is sooooo close to sitting up.  Charlotte can sit for a little while in the tripod position with her hands out in front of her and she loves to try and lurch forward when reclined like she is attempting to sit up.  She's so strong!

-This month, Charlotte found her feet...and they are her new favorite chew toy.

-I love her drooly chin.  Lots and lots of slobber happening.

-Charlotte's talking has gone to a whole new level.  We love her babbling and chit chat.

-She loves to put everything in her mouth.  Everything!

-Charlotte had her first kiss this month!  She planted a big slobbery wet one on her buddy AJ.  Daddy thought about filing a restraining order, but didn't want to make it awkward between friends.  And technically, I guess Charlotte made the first move.  No more flirting AJ.  ;-)

Look at all the things I can do!