Happy Mother's Day

A big hug for you on Mother's Day! When I saw the envelope marked "Mommy", I broke down in tears.  Bittersweet tears.  That one little word means so very much to me.  I was overwhelmed by the joy of having a little rainbow here with me who will grow to call me Mommy.  At the same time, it reminded me of the little one who I will have to wait a lifetime for to hear that word from her own lips.  She made me a mommy and gave motherhood for me a whole new meaning.

Last year, Mother's Day was so hard.  This year, it has been much more gentle.

I want to wish all those mothers I love a very happy Mother's Day.

But more than that, I want to reach out and hug anyone for whom Mother's Day is hard.  If you are missing your mom or missing your baby today, please know that I am thinking about you.  I hope the sunshine warms your heart today, like it does mine.