3 Weeks Old


3 weeks old  

3 weeks old, taken yesterday but posted today because the little lady kept me busy!  Charlotte is such a good baby.  She sleeps for long stretches at a time, she eats like a champ, she cries when she is hungry and tired, and best of all, she loves to snuggle.

I was looking at her yesterday as I was taking her picture and I was hit with this giant wave of appreciation that made me say out loud, "Thank you God!".  With no one else around.  I've been thankful for the past three weeks, but I don't think the depth of my gratitude hit me until yesterday.  It just came from out of the blue and for no particular reason.  As I wrote about last time, the hardest parts of this journey so far have had nothing to do with Charlotte.  More, just dealing with waves of lingering grief.  Thank goodness Callie sent us such a sweet baby.  I am savoring being able to act out the dreams of motherhood that I had envisioned for so long...even the hard parts.  Dressing her up like a baby doll.  Kissing her warm little cheeks.  Shoving bites of lunch down in between the 'shh's. Doing things with one hand and picking up dropped items with my toes!

So grateful.  Life is good.


And, I'm so grateful to all of you!  Thank you for keeping Kindness for Callie going for the past three months!  I've updated the K4C page with a few acts of kindness from Sarah, Christin, and Kerry.  John and I would also like to thank those of you who chose us to be recipients of random acts of kindness.  We received several sweet, sweet gifts that warmed our hearts and brought smiles to our faces.  Thank you for spreading the love!