Dads Rock! Happy Father's Day 2017! {Northern VA Newborn & Family Photographer}

Not gonna lie...  Dads are quite often the trickiest member of the family for a photographer.  Most of my dad clients are excited for a family or newborn photography session with me, but sometimes they feel awkward or nervous (not that they would ever admit that!!).  Sometimes their wife accidentally schedules the session during an important game and they are a little-or a lot- annoyed about that (pro tip- don't do that!!).  

No matter what though, dads ALWAYS loosen up by the end of a session with me because I can count on them for one thing WITH NO FAIL.  

I ask them to PLAY with their kids!  And when I do, their demeanors instantly change.

I can always count on dads to get their children to laugh and giggle when they start a tickle fight or tell a dumb joke or make a fart noise in their ears.  Even with newborns, I put dads on the job and they get right to work changing diapers or singing a goofy song and pretty soon they forget that they are even taking part in a photography session.  

If it weren't for dads, my sessions wouldn't be nearly as fun.

So here's to you guys!!  Happy Father's Day to all my amazingly awesome daddy clients!  And a very special shout-out to my wonderful husband who is rocking this whole dad thing and to my own fantastic dad (aka Pops or Poppsy Poppsy, according to Lila haha).

and for fun, here is one of my sweet hubby (image courtesy of Lou Lou Photography) :

and of me and my dad when I was a kid: