To ALL the mommies... | Ashburn newborn photographer

*While I am home on maternity leave, I'm posting some sessions from this past year that are near and dear to my heart!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for photos of our sweet boy and updates on my return from leave!  My newsletter subscribers are also the first to hear about important news so don't forget to sign up!  I'll be back soon!*

Mother's Day is a weird day for me.  It is a natural day of reflection on what being a mother means to me.  I am so blessed to have my beautiful children to celebrate with...but my heart hurts thinking of my sweet angel in heaven who I cannot hug and squeeze on this day.

Today is a day for celebration, to be sure.  But I just want anyone who is reading this who feels a little (or a lot) sad today to know that I am thinking of you.  

Here's to the mothers (and those that have a mother's heart).  All of you.

And cheers also to one of the best parts of my job... capturing the special bond between mother and child!  There is nothing more beautiful in the world.

Happy Mother's Day!