A Mom of Three Boys | A Northern VA Lifestyle Newborn Session

Northern VA Lifestyle Newborn Session

Meet my friend Stephanie, a beautiful person and wonderful mom to three boys.  She and her husband, Ben, welcomed their sweet little Matthew back in November (yes, I know...my timeliness is unmatched!) and added one more soccer star to this world!  Stephanie always amazes me by her super-mom abilities.  I'm all like "Wah, I had to get groceries AND go to Target with the kids today.  I'm worn out!"  And Steph is like, "I just kicked a$$ on a 5 mile run, baked a quiche, successfully ran my PT office, AND I sewed my own curtains!"  These boys are so lucky to have such an amazing mommy (their Daddy's pretty cool too!)...I know for sure that there would be a whole lot more craziness in that household without her being the glue that keeps it all together.  Big brothers, Christian & Sam, were excited to have a new little guy to play with and absolutely LOVED getting the green light to jump on the couch for a photo!  ;-)  Check out the adorable nursery...Stephanie sewed those bedsheets and curtains herself!  Supermom, right?!?!  Congrats Angle family!  We love Baby Matthew so much!