At Home with Little Liana {Ashburn Child Photographer}

Your home.  It's the place you and your family feel most comfortable.  Where you let your hair down, hang out in sweatpants, and watch marathons of Fixer Upper.  It's where your babies run free, love on some stuffed animals, and throw a temper tantrum or two (or three!).  When clients ask me to do a session in their homes, I get so excited because I know that the images that will come out of that session will be 100% unique, genuine, and meaningful.

When little Liana turned one, her sweet momma invited me into their beautiful Ashburn home for a photography session to capture this special time in her life.  She is such a sweet girl and I know that being able to show me all the fun things in her room made her feel more comfortable and at ease.  Hillary chose the most ADORABLE outfits for her to wear from Baby Bon Bon Boutique on Etsy and she rocked her headbands for all of about 30 seconds before she realized how fun it was to take them off and wave them around!  My girls were the same way!  I loved being able to document Liana's wobbly little walk as she had *just* started walking a short time before our session.  She was just the sweetest thing and I absolutely cannot wait to see her again soon next month for a family session with her doting mom and dad!

Contact me today for an in-home photography session!  I would love to help you remember these special moments!