What Would You Do with One More Day? Thoughts on Leap Day {Kristin Cornely Photography}

Leap years are kind of cool, right? Every four years, POOF! You get a whole extra day.  24 more hours in your year, your life.

It really got me thinking...

How many times have you wished for more time?  Big deadline coming up...MORE TIME!  Pedicure's over....MORE TIME!  The baby nestles in to your chest...please give me MORE TIME!  Your teenager gets keys her driver's license...DEAR GOD, PLEASE MORE TIME!!!!

And on years like this one, BOOM!  You just magically get it.  Right there on your calendar is a friendly extra day, just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Look up from your screen right now and take a deep breath.  That air filling your lungs, that is life my friend.  We are so busy 'doing' life that it is all too easy to forget to savor it.

I challenge you this Leap Year to spend your extra day savoring it.  What or who is most important to you?  Spend time doing things that fill you up with people that you love.  Treat it like the gift that it is.  Think about it, plan ahead, and write out how you will LIVE IT UP in that extra little square in your 2016 planner.  

February 29th.  A day that only happens once every 4 years.

How will you spend it?

Post a photo online to show how you spent your Leap Day 2016 and tag it #onemoredayLY16 (go ahead and use the #gloriousordinary hashtag while you're at it!).  Share with family and friends who you wouldn't want to spend one day without.  Spread the love :)


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