My passion is for capturing my clients' special moments, but I also have a few personal projects that are near and dear to my heart...

The glorious ordinary project: 365

 After reading the poem "Here's to the Mothers" by Lisa-Jo Baker, I couldn't stop thinking about the phrase "the glorious ordinary".  It resonated with me because I believe that the most ordinary of moments can be the very most beautiful.  Since that day, I initiated a project called "The Glorious Ordinary" and have invited others to join me in documenting their everyday, beautiful, crazy, ordinary moments.  It has since morphed into a 365 project for me:  that's right, one photograph every day for a year.  I started in Jan. 2015 and although I haven't been quite perfect (is real life ever perfect??), I haven't looked back.  Feel free to join me on Facebook or Instagram (@kcornelyphoto) in hashtagging your images with #gloriousordinary if you want to play too!

Current Glorious ordinary prompt:

some glorious ordinary photos:


Kindness for callie


Starting in 2013, my husband and I have done random acts of kindness for others in memory of our daughter, Callie.  It gives us great joy to be able to give back to others and help her memory shine on.  We were so excited that so many others joined us in this endeavor.  Head on over to my personal blog for lots of ideas on ways that you can make someone else's day special.  I always love hearing back from readers about their Kindness for Callie acts, or K4C's for short.