Lila Faith: 8 Month Time Capsule

November 27, 2015

Lila's Time Capsule at 8 Months:

-Lila is rolling over both ways and sitting up like a champ!  She doesn't complain when she is on her belly anymore and has been practicing getting into the crawling position lately.

November 17, 2015

-She is sitting up so well that we retired the little whale baby tub and busted out Ducky for bath time.  This is probably the one and only time she smiled in Ducky's presence.  He has not made an appearance since.November 22, 2015

-Lila likes to wake up at least once a night still just to spend a little one-on-one time with Mommy.  Not sure what happened to our great sleeper, but with cheeks like these, how can I resist?

November 16, 2015-4 November 16, 2015-2 November 16, 2015-5

-Solid foods are now completely delicious to Lila.  She gets so excited for each bite and loves to help with her spoon.  She especially loves puffs and avacado and feeds them to herself.  Her first attempts were about 30% success rate of puffs-to-mouth ration (70% to the dogs!), but now she's about 95%.

-When food isn't available, toes will do just fine ;-)

November 16, 2015-3

-One of my favorite things that Lila does right now is when she gently pat-pat-pats me.  She takes her little hand and pats mine, or my head, or the table...she loves to pat!  Sometimes it looks like a wave, so perhaps she is trying to do that.

-Lila loves to listen to (and chew on) books during story time.

-Her every changing hair is now drifting downwards in the front, but is still fluffy in the back.  We can put little clips and bows in the wispy pieces that touch her forehead.

-And of course, big sister, Charlotte, is her BFF!  She watches her every single move and giggles at her funny monkey noises.

November 16, 2015