Charlotte's Time Capsule: 9 Months


9months For some reason, 9 months feels really big.  Charlotte has almost been in the world longer than she was inside the womb.  Lately when I look at her, she just seems so much bigger.  Here's what's happening now in Charlotte's world:

-  This month, Charlotte celebrated her first Christmas (which you can read about here)

-She is officially ON THE MOVE!  Army crawling is her preferred method of transportation.  It's amazing how fast she can move by just dragging herself along…and it's quite comical!

-Now Charlotte can get into a sitting position from lying down all by herself.  It was quite a surprise to find her in her crib like this:

sitting up

-Those chunky little legs are getting stronger every day.  Charlotte has stood unassisted for short stretches of time (and by short, I mean like 5 seconds!).

-This month, we started swim class with our little fish.  She absolutely loves putting her face in the water to get toys and splashing and kicking the water.  swim1

-A few weeks ago, Charlotte gave her Daddy a wave goodbye.  She won't recreate it on demand, but we do catch her waving to the dogs quite a bit ;-)

-We experienced our first illness with Charlotte this month…the flu!  I can't believe she made it nine months without getting sick since she has two parents who work in schools and goes to daycare.  We thank our lucky stars for that, but it was still SO sad to see her feeling bad.  (I won't lie though…I did enjoy the extra snuggles!)

Thanks so much for all the yellow acts of kindness this month!  I'm so excited to share a wrap-up of them later.  You have no idea how much it means to us.  xoxo