Charlotte's Time Capsule: 4 Months

charlotte 4 months  

Stars and moons splash across the ceiling in Charlotte's nursery.  Her nightlight glows on and off like a giant firefly.  In the mirror, I catch a glimpse of myself holding her, bathed in the soft blue light as it shines on and then turns off again.  A small snapshot of something so big.  My sweet girl, with her round cheeks squished between my face and shoulder...a Charlotte sandwich.  Her mouth is nuzzled up to my neck and  she makes a soft sound, something between a sigh and a whimper.  She's asleep now.  And with each gentle glow from the nightlight, I do my best to soak up the image of her snuggled up with me.  And I am filled with peace.

I've been wanting to write about so many things, but life gets in the way sometimes.  I write when I feel the calling, of which I have had many, but not enough time to do it justice.  And that's ok.

I'm a week late on Charlotte's time capsule!  It's been a big month...

Things to cherish:

-the way she points and extends her little chunky toes like a ballerina when she is excited

-rolling over one way and rolling over the other

-her eyes that are shifting to some yet to be determined color (green?)

-adorable giggles when we least expect the time I slapped my hands together hard with oven mitts as I was kidding around that I was going to smack her Daddy's butt for disagreeing with me.  Apparently, that was hilarious.  She watched me smack the gloves together over and over again as she giggled galore.

-the way she tries to stand up and sit up and crawl.... you name it, she is trying it.  She wants to be a big girl and gets frustrated sometimes when her body can't do what she wants it to do yet

-the memory of her little toes dipped into the ocean for the first time


So many precious memories to be locked away in her time capsule so that they will never be forgotten.


**K4C Update**

With life being a bit busy, I haven't been as good about doing my Kindness for Callie's.  I will be renewing my focus and energy on making the world a kinder and nicer place!

Thanks to Lindsey for making a K4C donation when checking out at Boscov's...

...and to my sister, Carly, for helping me give some books to an adorable little girl with Marfan syndrome


Please email me with any bits of kindness you have done for others :-)  They make my day!  oursunshineangel @