Charlotte's Time Capsule: 2 Months


charlotte 2 month-edit Our sweetie pie is 2 months old!

Things we want to treasure forever:

  • her adorable dimpled smiles-  the morning time is especially smiley!
  • the way she softly coos when she is happy
  • tummy time fun-  Charlotte can lift her head up 45 degrees and sometimes 90!
  • Daisy is her favorite playmate
  • her little 'chipmunk ninja' noises-  hiiiiyaaaaa-  that she makes in her sleep
  • our swaddle Houdini:


There is so much I want to say about being Charlotte's mommy...but so little time because mostly, you can find me just holding her and staring.  One of these days, I will blog about it.... but right now, I'm just soaking it all up!