One Year Without Her

IMG_1107 Today, one year ago, is the day Callie left our arms and went to God's.  Like my friend Katie, a doctor, says,  She wasn't built for this world.

No, she was built for another.

The hardest part of that day, one year ago, was leaving her.  When they took her out of our embrace, swaddled her, and placed her carefully on her hospital bed.

And we had to take our first steps into our new reality.

As John pushed my wheelchair out of the room, I watched her until she was out of my line of sight.  And my heart broke, shattered into a million tiny pieces.

She was so little.  And so alone.

But she wasn't really there, I guess.  No, she was already in her new home.  Her spirit went with us that day as we left that room, so I suppose we never really parted.

Even so, I miss my baby something fierce.