Kindness for Callie Update

This photograph is part of a weekly photography challenge I am participating in.  This week's theme was "fresh", hence the fresh piece of paper.  Writing nice letters is a great way to pass along acts of Kindness for Callie! All I can say is-  WOW!  Thank you so much for helping to get the Kindness for Callie project off to a great start.  It feels so good to know that little bits of happiness are being shared with others all in memory of our little girl.  This month is a tough one for us, but this little project has really brightened our again, thank you!  Last night, I just finished up our next act of kindness, a letter to Nurse Cindy, telling her how amazing she is.

I wanted to highlight some acts of kindness that have been shared with me so far:

-My college roomie and her hubby made a sweet contribution to the National Marfan Foundation in Callie's memory.  The NMF helps fund life-changing research for those affected by Marfan syndrome.  We are so touched!  Love you Barr!

-Our cousin, Anna, wrote a sweet email:

"At Giant Eagle (the local grocery store here), they have these things called "Cookie Cards" for kids.  You only pay $1 and it's good for the whole year.  The dollar benefits the local Children's Hospitals.  And every time a kid comes in with their Cookie Card, they get a free cookie!  I bought one for Zack today, and I saw that the money goes towards the local Children's Hospitals, and I thought of Callie.  So we bought 4 more (I had $5 in cash on me) and attached a "Kindness for Callie" card to it, and I asked the woman at the desk to give them out to 4 random kids she saw come to her Customer Services Desk today.  The woman was so overwhelmed.  She thought it was such a good idea, she "awww'ed" and got so excited.  I think it'll be a joy for her to give them out, as well as the kids to get them, and then of course for the money to go to the Children's Hospitals!  Plus, like the little girl who gave you guys the poinsettia, Zack got to see what it was like to give without receiving accolades.  And not to mention, I'm a little emotional about it too myself.I see the sunshine spreading already...good stuff you two!"

What a great idea!  Thanks Anna!  I loved thinking that perfect strangers in Pennsylvania now have been touched by Callie's story and will hopefully go on to do more kindness for others in her memory.

And lastly, I would never have dreamed of kicking off this project looking for any kind of reward or payback, but it is funny how things come full circle...

-I received a beautiful note in my mailbox at work from an anonymous coworker who had read my blog.  It was a sweet thank you note for writing about my experiences.  I was so moved and the gesture totally made my day.

-Also, our good friends, Jessica & Kyle, nominated us for a local photographer's "Olivia Act".  Check out this email:

"Hi John & Kristin, My name is Erin Rexroth & I am the owner of Erin J. Photography.  I asked people to send me families to be nominated for The Olivia Act.  The Olivia Act is named after one of the children killed in Newtown & was started by the photographer who photographed Olivia and her family. Olivia’s family had family pictures taken a short time before she was killed. Those pictures are precious and now priceless to them. Upon hearing this, this photographer was moved to give away a 30 minute family photo shoot and has challenged other photographers to do the same. She said, "We go about our daily lives and sometimes we don’t take the time or have the resources to have family photos taken." I took nominations for a family deserving of this gift and have chosen your family after Jessica told me your story.  I am a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photographer and I was just heartbroken when Jessica told me that no one was available to you during the tragic loss of your sweet baby girl. So, I would love the opportunity to be there with you this time.  I also feel you both so completely represent the good in what happened in Newton.  The selfless, generous teachers who show up every day for our kids! The session will  be completely FREE to you!  I know you are expecting your sweet baby girl this spring!  So, just let me know if you prefer to do it right when the baby arrives or later on.  We can talk more about the timing if you would like some guidance. I look forward to meeting you both! Best, Erin"

Isn't that cool??  I am so thrilled and neither John nor I cannot stop daydreaming about our little Rainbow's first photo session.

Thanks for all of the kindness!  Check out the "Kindness for Callie" tab at the top of the blog to see the updated list!


"For every brick of kindness laid, the easier this house, our heart, is to build."

SteveSongs    "Kindness Song" (sometimes children's songs have the sweetest and simplest way of saying the things that really matter)