Kindness for Callie

picture of kindness I have been aching to do this for so long.  To make the world just a little bit shinier because Callie was in it.  Even though it was just for a little while...

So here we are:  the Kindness for Callie Project.

For John and I, this project will be two-fold:

1.  Give-  Each month, we will be transferring money into a special fund we have designated for charitable giving.  Every three months (quarterly), we will take what we have saved and donate it in Callie's memory to a charity or cause that moves us.

2.  Do-  Throughout the year, we will be doing random acts of kindness for others whenever we feel like sprinkling sunshine into someone else's life.  Each recipient will receive a card with a brief message asking them to go forth and do another act of kindness in the spirit of other "Paying It Forward" projects such as The Shine Project.

We hope to bring a little cheer and make our hearts smile a little in return.  All for our angel.

If you'd like to join us, I would be so absolutely moved and touched.

Here's how:

  1. Print and cut out the attached Kindness for Callie cards (see below), put them in your wallet, and use them to spread the joy.
  2. E-mail me your acts of kindness at and I will create a Kindness Log, noting the date, your kind act, and your name (if you choose to share it-  anonymous is of course fine too!).  The Kindness Log will be posted on the blog for the world to see how shiny we have made it in Callie's memory.
  • As far as the financial giving, I'll be announcing each quarter where we are making contributions and you can feel free to donate as well.  If I get fancy, I'll figure out a way to do this online so that we can combine forces to make very generous donations but for now, the simpler the better.  Please do not feel obligated...I'm just sharing our plan, because sharing is what I like to do!  Join in if you like :-)

In doing these things we are allowing Callie's memory to live on forever in lasting ways.

I'm excited!  Are you?

Click below for Kindness for Callie cards:

Kindness for Callie-  cards for printing!