Goodbye Mill Run

Six years of amazing memories in the garage.  I will miss my home away from home, the place I met my husband, where I learned so much about myself.  I will miss the amazing coworkers that I am blessed to call friends.  I will miss the wonderful parents whom I have had the privilege to work with.  And, of course, the kids.  Lily and Daisy went out to investigate all of my classroom stuff in the garage...and I couldn't tear them away from my pillows and stuffed animals.  I think they were sniffing out the scents of about 150 first graders who used them to read their first books with.  Or maybe they are just straight up dirty from kid funk!  Either way, it made me sentimental.

As much as I will miss Mill Run, I am looking forward to a new beginning and fresh start at Steuart Weller Elementary.  I'll be a preschool teacher there and I'm so excited to work with that age group.  I'm nervous about starting somewhere new, but I am so hopeful that it will be an amazing experience.

To my Mountain Lions, I love you so much.  Thank you for supporting us during the most difficult time of our lives.  Each of you hold a very special place in my heart.  And I'll be visit you, of course, but also to support John as he also starts a new chapter as your new AP.  :-)

I'm a Mountain Lion for life!  xoxo