Project Pooping Butterflies

May Goals:

  1. Create a visually happy environment (Project Micro-Makeovers!)
  2. Eat right & exercise (Project Un-preggify!)
  3. Focus on the “here and now” (Project No More Flashbacks and No More Flashforwards!)
  4. Spring clean (Project Declutter!)
  5. Avoid “baby bombs” (Project Stay Happy!)
  6. Maintain the right attitude (Project Pooping Butterflies! ha, can’t wait to explain this one!!!)
  7. Accept the One who really has control (Project Let God Do His Thang!)

Ok, so I am skipping a few because I really can't find it in me to write about decluttering my closets right now.  And I'm pretty sure, you guys won't care about me alphabetizing my pantry (just kidding!!!!  I'm not that crazy!).

All of these goals are aimed at one thing:  Focus on the things you can control.  

There are SO many things right now that have been interfering with me doing just that.  My silver lining has a few holes in it and I'm trying my very, very best to patch them.  So, today I thought I'd refocus on my attitude by writing about Project Pooping Butterflies.  Just writing that makes me laugh and I feel so much better.  Let me explain...

My good friend, Mabby, sent me this video a while back with no real explanation.  As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly why she sent it to me. (If you cannot view the video below, please click here)

Ha, I have had so many moments like this with my students.  Goofy.  Silly.  And that is exactly how I want my world to be.  Everyone is a pony.  They eat rainbows.  And poop butterflies!  Ok, so the real world obviously is not always filled with ponies, rainbows, and butterflies.  But I can dream, right?  There is nothing wrong with envisioning the kind of world you wish to live in...and then creating it.  Losing Callie was AWFUL.  I wish I could invent my own word that captured how terrible it was and still is, because "awful" just doesn't cut it.  But there was so much beauty in her short life and the aftermath of her death.  It is natural for me, in my grief, to focus on the bad parts, the things that make me sad, and my empty arms.  But if I put on my "Everyone is a pony!" glasses, I can shift my thinking to the good things... that I got to meet Callie and she changed my life, that I got to hold her, the fact that God chose us to be her parents because He knew Callie needed us (and only us), that God sent us signs of his love (umm...hello Maggiano Angel and the Yellow Balloon??), the generosity and kindness of others, and the fact that tiny Callie has had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many.  I have to keep reminding myself of these things.  Because, let me tell you, it ain't easy.

"Pooping butterflies" is now my mantra.  It symbolizes the attitude I would like to have.  Positive.  Rosy.  Optimistic.  Focus on the good.  The here and now.  This one moment.  Birds chirping.  Cheery music.  Yellow rain boots on a dreary day!  I hope you will poop butterflies with me.


I'll leave you with some pictures of our team "Celebrating Callie" at the March for Babies this past weekend.  We raised over $2000 for the March of Dimes to help babies have a better start.  Yay us!