Project Micro-Makeovers

Following up with my post on my happiness project, I am currently working on focusing on the things I can control, rather than the things I cannot.  I decided to follow the author's lead (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin) by dividing my monthly theme into small attainable goals.  Here are my goals for control: Control Goals:

  1. Create a visually happy environment (Project Micro-Makeovers!)
  2. Eat right & exercise (Project Un-preggify!)
  3. Focus on the "here and now" (Project No More Flashbacks and No More Flashforwards!)
  4. Spring clean (Project Declutter!)
  5. Avoid "baby bombs" (Project Stay Happy!)
  6. Maintain the right attitude (Project Pooping Butterflies! ha, can't wait to explain this one!!!)
  7. Accept the One who really has control (Project Let God Do His Thang!)

I'll start by talking about Control Goal #1:  Project Micro-Makeovers.  I figure that adding little things here and there around our house that will make me smile will help me feel happier.  I have a giant list of little "visually happy" projects around the house that I will be working on and reporting back to you about periodically.  The list is so long that it will definitely carry over this month, into the next, and beyond!  Creating little "micro-makeovers" within our home gives me small goals that are not too overwhelming (or expensive!) and allow me to have a bit of control over my environment and how I spend my time and energy.  Here is a glimpse into Micro-Makeover #1:  Our Bed.

Our bedroom is painted a soothing grey color with a deeper grey color on the ceiling.  I love it.  Well, except that it is boring...and grey makes me think of rain which is sometimes kind of sad.  I've been thinking for a long time about adding a pop of color but I wasn't sure what color to pick.  After losing Callie though, yellow has become my favorite color and it just so happens that yellow and grey are kind of cool right now.  Last week, I went to Target for some retail therapy and found a cute duvet cover that I thought I'd fold up at the end of our bed to look like a quilt/blanket.  (Also, strategically placed where our dogs lie on the hair catcher!)  But, mixing the patterns did NOT look good so I returned that sucker and popped into SteinMart and found this cute yellow quilt for the exact same price!  Way better find :-)  And I couldn't help but pick up a little yellow sunshine pillow.  Please ignore the cluttered bedside tables!  And, yes I know I need something above the bed.  I have always wanted to mount a giant birch branch on the wall...but I'm not sure exactly how to accomplish this ;-)  That will have to be another micro-makeover sometime!

Micro-makeover #1- complete!  The yellow makes me smile and our room is so much happier...and, therefore, so am I!  My happiness project is off to a good start :-)