Pay It Forward

Hi friends,

Today has me thinking of how much I want to "pay it forward" in Callie's memory.  There are so many moms out there who have lost their babies and do so many amazing things to help other moms who have experienced loss.  I received an amazing gift from a friend recently and learned about Project Heal.  The creator of this project writes the names of babies who have passed away in the sand on a gorgeous Australian beach at sunset.  Perfect for my sunshine angel!  She then photographs the name and posts it on her website.  The photos are also available for purchase.  Another friend I have recently reconnected with started a photography class for grieving mothers as a way for them to heal.  It is called Illuminate and I just signed up!  I can't wait to share my photographs with you :-)

I hope one day to be able to find my own way to give back like these amazing women ... but today, I have stumbled across one small way that I can help... a little boy and his family who need our support.  I first read about a little boy named Danny on the wonderful blog Musings of a Marfan Mom.  Danny was diagnosed with neonatal Marfan syndrome, just like Callie.  His mom writes about Danny's story here.  He and his family are from the UK and are trying to come to Chicago this summer to attend a conference on Marfan syndrome.  However, as I learned today, he is having to face surgery soon and Danny's medical expenses are quite large.  John and I will be using a portion of the funds we received from so many of you in Callie's memory to help Danny.  If you feel inclined, please consider making a contribution to this cause here.

Looking at Danny's beautiful long fingers reminds me of my sweet Callie.  I am so glad that Danny's mom, Sarah, has been able to have so much time with her precious baby boy.  Callie's life was cut so short and I wonder what life would have been like for her if her heart had not stopped beating right away.  I would give anything to know what her smile looked like.  If it is anything like this little guy, I'm sure it would have melted my heart.