At Home with Baby Parker | Northern VA Newborn Photographer


Sweet little Parker was my first newborn of 2018.  It was a sunshiny January day on the morning of his session and Parker's family lived in the cutest neighborhood at the end of a pipestem, backing to trees.  It felt like we were in a secluded wooded area instead of in the middle of Northern VA.  Meghan and Brett, Parker's mom and dad, were so calm and relaxed despite having a newborn and a three-year-old big brother named Brayden (and two fur-babies as well!). 

Brayden was a little shy at first, but it didn't take long for us to become best buds and he did such a nice job of holding his baby brother.  It's such a special thing to watch your baby become a big sibling, isn't it?!?  I can remember my kids looking so HUGE when we brought home baby!  Brayden was such a big boy, but at the same time, he was able to still fit in his crib that was soon to become Parker's new bed and I thought it was so cute watching him look into that bed as his baby brother dozed.  

Parker was a dream baby who slept and slept and slept!  My favorite images of him are the simple, classic ones of him yawning and stretching...but of course, since his dad is a Hokie, I am kind of partial to the images with his Hokie gear.  This family is also crazy about the Redskins, so I put my love of the Steelers to the side for a few minutes to take some photos of Parker in his Skins stuff as well.  God bless him, poor kid.  (haha, just kidding around!!  -mostly-)

Hopefully, his love of the Hokies is stronger than the Skins but I can't promise that will give him any less heartbreak in life.  It's rough being a fan of both of those teams.  ;-)

Wishing Baby Parker and his loving family all of the best things in life!  It was an honor getting to know them and being a part of this special time in their lives!