A Sweet Baby Girl with Curls! | A Lifestyle Newborn Session in Ashburn, VA

Baby Regan smiles for her mama during her lifestyle newborn session in Ashburn, VA

I wish my blog let me do heart-eye emojis because that's what this post should be.  ALLLLLL the heart-eyes for beautiful baby Regan.  She had the most beautiful complexion, full pouty lips, and those CURLS!  Oh, the curls!  I couldn't stop taking pictures of her beautiful hair!  Her mom said that they could see her hair during ultrasounds so they weren't surprised to see how much of it she had at birth!  Both of my youngest, Lila and Hudson, had flowing locks on the ultrasound but when they were born it was more like spiky fuzz!  Nothing like sweet Regan's!  So gorgeous!

Her momma works at the National Archives in DC so she was sure to add some beautiful literary posters to her nursery.  I loved that personal touch!  For privacy reasons, I am only sharing photographs of Regan and her beautiful momma, but I just have to tell you that her daddy was so sweet and gentle with her!  He had stayed up with Regan in the early hours of the morning so her mommy could have a little more sleep before our newborn session- how sweet is that?!?  I loved watching them all interact and dote on their beautiful baby girl!

It was a hot summer day for Baby Regan's lifestyle newborn session so all we had to do to make the house nice and cozy was throw open the windows and turn off the AC.  The steamy, humid day made Regan's little ringlets really pop just like the day her parents took her home from the hospital!  Her mom and dad shared with me that when they left the hospital for the first time, her little curls just came right out in all that Northern VA humidity!

Dearest Regan,  thanks for being such a little gem during your session!  I had such a blast working with you and getting to know your amazing mom and dad!  Best wishes always!  ~Kristin~