Baby Everett: Fresh Out the Oven | A Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session in Fairfax, VA

There are a lot of things you may want to forget about your time in the hospital after having a baby (the food, the pokes and prods, and, oh yeah, -the pain!!), but I can assure you that the first 48 hours of your baby's life will change your own.  That short, snippet of time will be over before you've even had a chance to think about blinking your eyes!  And it's so, so magical.  

All of a sudden, your baby is with earth-side and now you get a chance to match what you had envisioned to the reality that is this tiny, little person.  Hair, no hair?  Daddy's nose, Mommy's chin?  It's so amazing to see this little wriggling baby on the OUTSIDE instead of wishing you had x-ray vision for the inside of your womb.

Many hospitals have someone who will come around and snap some photos of your baby, but in most cases, that is just what they are...snapshots.  I'm not knocking that AT ALL!  But I do want to make the case that hospital photographs can be so much more.  They can tell a story.  They can capture emotion.  You can look at them years later and go RIGHT BACK to those first special days of your baby's life.   That's what a Fresh 48 session with a lifestyle photographer can do for you.  What a precious gift to yourself, your family, and your child!  

So after telling you how amazing Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions are, now I have to tell you that I'm taking a little break from them for a bit.  It's only temporary!!  I'm expecting a little one of my own in late April and want to let him get a little older before I take on Fresh 48 sessions again because scheduling them on such short notice is hard to negotiate with a tiny baby and daycare.  BUT!  I will be bringing them back this fall in October so I wanted to plant that little seed to some of you mommies out there who are just getting ready to announce your pregnancies.  ;-)  Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have for me!

This little man, Everett, is the gorgeous little boy of two of my favorite clients, Natalie and Jason.  Right from the beginning, I knew that Natalie and I would become fast friends and that has totally been the case.  She is funny and smart and a wonderful mom!  Jason is an amazing daddy as well...and also a photographer!  It was such an honor being able to document this special time in their lives and I just love them all to pieces!  Stay tuned for their in-home lifestyle newborn photography session later for more from this adorable family.