Shoot and Share Contest Results | Ashburn Newborn, Maternity, and Family Photographer

A while back, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and enter the 2017 Shoot and Share Contest for the first time.  This contest is a really unique one in the photography community because anyone can vote and all entries remain anonymous until after voting concludes.  As you vote, you are shown four images at a time, you choose the one you like the best, and then it will generate four more images and so on.  

Let me tell you, this contest is ADDICTING!  There were so many times that I would say, "Ok, 5 more minutes!"  Boom!  Twenty minutes later, I was still clicking away.  The talent and creativity from photographers all over the world blew me away and was completely inspiring!  There were a mind-blowing 332,768 entries overall in the contest.  I wish I had been able to see each and every one of them, but that would have been impossible.

Today, I am excited to finally able to share my results with you!  

Woohoo!!  Two of my images were chosen as 'finalists' which means that they were in the top 3.5% of all entries.  YAY! 


7 images placed in the top 10%:

Five images placed in the top 20%:

And two placed in the top 30%:

Thank you SO much to my amazing clients who have welcomed me into their lives to document these special moments.  And a big thank you to any of you who may have voted!  I truly appreciate your support!

Much love,