Welcoming Baby Ben | Northern VA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Two days before Christmas, I pulled up to the beautiful home of the Hall family in Leesburg, VA for their in-home newborn session.  I always love seeing how other folks decorate for the holidays, and despite having JUST had a newborn baby (in addition to a two-year-old big sister, Claire), mom, Sarah, had done a beautiful job decking the halls.  The stockings were hung, the tree was trimmed, wreaths adorned the windows, and GIFTS WERE WRAPPED!  I was so impressed because I'm pretty sure my home would have looked like the Grinch decorated if you had walked in within two weeks after having a baby.

Sweet little Baby Ben was alert and happy to watch everyone around him.  He gave lots of yawns so we knew he was fighting sleep, but I guess we were just more interesting than a nap ;-)  It always cracks me up when kids fight a nap...wouldn't you give just about anything to take a quiet, restful nap any time you wanted?!?  He did eventually doze off towards the end of the session and once he was out- he was OUT!!  One of my favorite features of Ben was the way the tiny bit of fuzz on his head stuck straight up into a little fuzzy point!  Seriously adorable!  Oh, and I absolutely LOVED his nursery!  Don't you?

Ben's big sister, Claire, was just as cute as could be and was adjusting well to being a big sister.  She gave him kisses, held his hand, and even brought him a little lovey to share!  Claire loved hanging out with her daddy, Jake, when her mommy and Ben were busy doing one-on-one shots with me.  She loved to read and kick back and watch some 'toons on TV.  I loved watching the way she crossed her ankles at the heels when she was super comfy.  Too cute!

Growing your family is always a huge change for everyone involved but the Hall family was laid-back and relaxed during their newborn session- kind of like Ben had been there forever!  I have lots of favorites from this session, but if I had to pick just one, I think that the very last image in this post is my absolute fave.  I thought the way Claire was crawling under her parents legs and peeking into the drawer totally captured life with a newborn and a two-year-old just perfectly!I  It's a little crazy but a whole lotta fun!  I wish them all the happiness in the world and was so honored to be invited to their home to capture this special time in their lives!

Welcome to the world Baby Ben!