A Baby and a Bulldog (and his Mom & Dad too!) | Ashburn Newborn Photographer

So Baby Quinton's newborn photography session had an unexpected consequence for me...  I walked away completely obsessed with bulldogs!  Quinton's furry buddy, Macklemore, was full of wrinkles, great expressions, and was completely huffing and puffing at the warm temperature of the house (warm house=happy baby during a newborn session!).  I just wanted to follow him around and give him a hug.  Quinton was just so sweet and adorable though that I couldn't tear my eyes off of him.  Well, ok, I did steal a glance or two in Mack's direction when he was nearby haha.

Caitlin and Dylan are new parents, but you'd never know it.  They were so at ease and full of love and smiles for their little boy and each other.  Quinton had given them a good stretch of sleep the night before their newborn session so everyone felt refreshed!  Isn't it funny how 4 or 5 hours of sleep in a row feels refreshing after having a newborn?!?  It was so nice getting to finally meet their little guy after spending such a great time together at their maternity session earlier this summer.  I love it when couples add on maternity sessions because by the time we do the newborn session, we already feel so comfortable around each other.  Quinton was such a good boy during his session and LOVED to be held in his mommy and daddy's arms.  He was quite the adorable snuggler.

There were lots of favorites from this session, but of course, I loved the series of shots where Mack licked Quinton's head.  I got a side shot of his hair slicked down with a wee bit of dog slobber and just laughed and laughed at that.  Our dogs, Lily and Daisy, were just as sweet to our girls and I love the relationships that they have with them now.

I know there will be many more smiles and good times in store for this adorable family in the future.  Congrats you guys!