Hadley Turns One! {Ashburn Family Photographer}

Getting to watch families grow and change is one of the most rewarding parts of being a family photographer.  It is such an honor to be asked to capture the loving relationships between family and I savor every bit of it.  Kelli and Jeff first asked me to be their photographer at their intimate springtime wedding in 2014.  They were expecting their first child, Hadley, and the excitement and love they shared was palpable.  Fast forward to that August when their sweet little girl arrived...I was so honored to be their newborn photographer!  I remember thinking that these two were so calm it was like they had been parenting for years.

I could hardly believe it when Kelli messaged me this summer to ask me to take Hadley's one year portraits.  How could time have flown by so quickly???  It completely blows my mind that in twelve months time, that little peanut I took portraits of one rainy August day is now on the move, picking flower petals, and talking!  The beautiful thing about having custom portraits taken regularly is that it helps commit to memory the things you never want to forget.  Getting everyone to look at the camera and smile is awesome, but if that's all you walked away with you might not remember as vividly the way your baby puts everything in her mouth at this age or chases after bubbles or hugs Daddy tight when she is sad.  

When I edited these photos, I have to admit that I shed a little nerdy sentimental tear or two because I just knew how much they would mean to Kelli and Jeff.  Hadley is their everything and she is only this little once.  I was so excited to deliver their coffee table book and professional prints!!!  It felt so good to ensure that these memories got into this special family's hands where they belong.  Shortly thereafter, I received the following testimonial from Kelli:

"I have known Kristin for several years.  We have been colleagues, neighbors, friends, and have been through several life changes together. She is by far the most positive person I know. Her love of life and children shines in all of her photography. I have had the pleasure of being Kristin's client for three separate sessions. She was able to capture some amazing moments at my wedding. Kristin made us feel relaxed and happy for our big day. The weather was beautiful and we got so many wonderful pictures outside. Thanks to Kristin's time and effort beforehand, we were able to take pictures in some quaint places in downtown Leesburg.
When my daughter was born, my husband and I knew we wanted Kristin to take her newborn photos. She came to our apartment on a very muggy August day. She was patient, caring, and helpful with us and Hadley. Newborns don't always cooperate and Kristin couldn't have been more flexible. She was able to capture some sweet moments of Hadley and our new family. Kristin most recently took one year old and family pictures at Ida Lee Park. She was wonderful with Hadley and really captured her personality. As a result we have some beautiful family photos. So many of our friends and family have positively commented on the pictures. Some family members even got teary eyed watching the short video Kristin put together for us. 
I am so grateful to Kristin and her ability to make each photo session fun, easy, and comfortable. More importantly, I have the most beautiful and precious pictures of my family thanks to Kristin and her amazing photography skills!"

No, Kelli-  thank YOU!  Thank you for letting me into your life.  It was a privilege.  I hope to have many more opportunities in the future.  It makes my heart happy just to think of it.

Ok, enough mush.  ;-)  Check out some of the rest of my favorites from their session.

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