Charlotte Turns Two {Ashburn Child Photographer}

My baby turned two over the weekend!!!  We took the opportunity to take her out for a quick 2nd birthday photo session after her nap that day.  It was so nice to let her run around the paths and get some fresh air after her very fun, but toddler-rific birthday party earlier that day.  When I started editing these, I couldn't help but be shocked at how big she has gotten SO fast.  I know all you other parents out there know how I feel.  It's so thrilling watching her get bigger and learn new things, but also so bittersweet to know she will never be this little again.  I'm so glad that I will have these photographs to always remember her sweet two-year-old self.  

I'd be so happy to help you capture this time in your child's life as well.  Get in touch with me today to book a session!  :)

Love this series... I asked her "How old are you?"