Project 365: Days 1-7

I am excited and nervous to share with you that I am beginning a Project 365 (one photo a day) this year:  excited because it's been so fun already and I think it will push me into expanding my creativity and growing as a photographer, but nervous because I am afraid of not being able to complete it.  So far, it hasn't been too hard at all.  Actually the hardest part has been narrowing it down to just one favorite picture a day!  Good problem to have :-)  

I've decide to go easy on myself and not have to many rules or themes.  I am going to try to mainly take the photos with my DSLR, but will allow my phone to suffice if need be.  I'm not going to make myself edit and post every picture, every day because that would probably be a recipe for disaster.  Instead, I'm going to post once a week and edit when I can.  If I miss a day, I will just take two the next day.  My goal is to document more of the Glorious Ordinary moments that make up our lives, but I definitely have a list of ideas I can fall back on if I get stumped for a subject one day.

I hope you enjoy following me in this journey!  If you are doing a 365, I'd love to see your work!  Leave a link to your gallery/blog in the comments if you want to share :-)

Which one is your favorite this week?