Hi!  I’m Kristin.  I am a natural-light portrait photographer specializing in lifestyle newborn, maternity, and family portraits in the Northern VA area, living in Loudoun County.  

I'll be honest with you.  

Describing myself as an artist feels kind of weird.  Growing up, I never thought I was creative enough to be an artist.  Sad, but true.  I just never felt 'enough'.  I wasn't the best painter, or the best drawer, or the best sculptor.  I couldn't think of the most original idea or be inventive so, therefore, I was not artistic.  

It took becoming a mom to unlock that deep truth within myself.  I am an artist- not only do I enjoy my artistic side but I'm good at it too!  It's taken me a long time and a crazy journey to be able to say that about myself.

 Charlotte Grace,  photo courtesy of  Erin J. Photography

Charlotte Grace, photo courtesy of Erin J. Photography

My journey to becoming a mom isn't like most.  After unexpectedly losing our first daughter, Callie Marie, in January 2012, I was thrown into a world of sadness that I had never known before.  We had purchased a DSLR camera to capture all of her sweetness, but instead I was forced to use that camera as a way to heal and grieve.  During this time, I also began writing a blog to share with others my honest feelings about losing a child, my struggles with faith, and the positive impact Callie's short life had on my own.

Turns out, this artist just needed to find her medium.  Callie gave me the gift of seeing the world in a different light, capturing that light through photography, and describing it in the written word.  The color yellow always makes me think of her so you will find lots of it sprinkled into my life and my work!

Since then, my husband, John, and I have gone on to have two more daughters, Charlotte and Lila, and a son named Hudson.  When Charlotte was born, her first cry was the most life-changing sound in the world.  It was full of vigor, strength, and life.  I will treasure that moment, and all those since, for the rest of my life.  Lila scared us half to death her whole pregnancy, but arrived safe and sound and is absolutely delightful!  Sweet little Hudson has completed our family and he is spoiled rotten by everyone!

 Lila Faith,  photo courtesy of  Four Wishes Photography

Lila Faith, photo courtesy of Four Wishes Photography

 Hudson Thomas,  photo courtesy of  LouLou Photography

Hudson Thomas, photo courtesy of LouLou Photography

My life experiences have taught me to view life a little differently.  And this has led me to be able to deliver photographs that will truly capture the essence of who you are, right here in this moment.  I believe that the little things in life are the ones that matter the most and I love capturing these special moments through photography.  Whether you are interested in maternity, newborn, infant/child, or family portraits, you will find me to be warm and friendly and I will be able to put you at ease during your session.  As a mommy with a background in teaching preschool and young primary-aged children, I have LOTS of experience working with kids.

I spend my extra time devoted to learning more about photography, reading, and hanging out with my wonderful family and two dogs.  I welcome you to get to know me better by following me on social media (via the icons at the bottom of the page) or reading my personal blog at http://oursunshineangel.com/.  I also have a personal Instagram account (@oursunshinelife) if you want to see a little more of my family life :)  Don't forget to check out some of my personal projects while you're here!

I appreciate your interest in my photography and look forward to working with you!

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Sunshine and anything yellow.
  • COFFEE!!  I didn't start drinking it until Hudson was born.  He drove me to it and I'm SO GLAD!  I love starting my day with a big warm mug of 'life juice' nowadays.
  • Golden retrievers- even though I am forever vacuuming, they are worth it!
  • Diet Dr. Pepper, aka DDP for short.
  • Reading and writing!!!  I'm a huge nerd.  My mom got me hooked on the Outlander series and I haven't been able to read anything else since!
  • Obviously my Nikon d610 and any/all things photography-related!  I am obsessed.
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  Can't help it.

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