Maternity Portfolio

What greater miracle is there than that of your body creating, holding, growing, and nurturing a new life inside of you?  

Some women feel comfortable with their changing shape, while others may not be.  (Trust me, I've felt both...sometimes in the same day!) 

But let me ask you to think about it this way..  Wouldn't you do anything for your child?  Of course I know the answer is YES! 

Maternity photography is a gift to your child.  Your baby won't be able to remember this on his or her own.  Help keep the memories alive.  Take the leap to be in the photos so you will both remember the amazing miracle that your body is performing.  I will be sure to pose you in flattering ways so that you will look back on these photos feeling beautiful and proud of your body and the gift you are giving your child.  When they ask you, "Mommy what did I look like when I was in your tummy?" you can show them.

Please take a look at some of my maternity photography and if my style matches your vision, please contact me today to book your session!