A Fun-Filled Family Photography Session with the Chverchkos | Ashburn Family Photographer

*While I am home on maternity leave, I'm posting some sessions from this past year that are near and dear to my heart!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for photos of our sweet boy and updates on my return from leave!  My newsletter subscribers are also the first to hear about important news so don't forget to sign up!  I'll be back soon!*

The Chverchko Family was one of the sweetest families I have ever met!  They are originally from PA and are Steelers fans so we chatted a lot about that during the session since my husband, John, is from the same area and is a Pittsburg-everything nut!  Their son, Nathan, was absolutely ADORABLE and was a bundle of fun-filled boy energy.  We played, laughed, ran, laughed some more, and oh, yeah!  Took photos!!  It was a gorgeous day and we had the best time.  We made some time to get some special portraits of just mom and dad because so often the last time parents have had their picture taken- just the two of them!- was on their wedding day.  My clients always thank me for these loving photos (and they make special gifts on anniversaries, etc!).

I'll never forget how the session ended.  In the fading light, I hugged everyone goodbye and let them know when their images would be ready and started walking to my car.  Before I could get there though, little Nate was running after me asking me if we could play some more the next day and gave me a giant bear hug.  MELT ME!!  I was tempted to take him home with me, but I just know his mom and dad would miss him WAY too much ;-)  

I just love being able to capture families having fun together and making memories.  Best job ever!