The Kelly Family is All Smiles | Ashburn Family Photographer

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The Kelly family and I go wayyy back!  Their children are Mountain Lions, the school that I formerly taught at and that John is now the principal of!  In fact, their oldest, Jacob, is a happy, confident middle schooler and their youngest, Riley, is now in her final year of elementary school.  I get teary-eyed thinking about my girls doing new milestones...I can't even imagine thinking about moving on from elementary school.  Nope, can't go there yet!!  

This is one of the nicest, kindest families you will ever meet.  They are active in the community and love to volunteer and give back.  The kids take after their parents and are smart, respectful, and sweet as can be.  It was a pleasure being able to do a family session for them so that they could have some updated family portraits!  We had a wonderful time walking through the woods, catching up, and chatting about school, life, name it!  We even had a little dance party, too!

Thank you Kelly Family for the fun times during your session!  It was such a pleasure!!