Oh Boy! Oh Boy! | A Family Photography Session by Northern VA Family Photographer Kristin Cornely

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Today, I'm flashing back while I am on maternity leave to a fun-filled fall family photography session for some of my favorite clients, the Mele Family.  At the time of the session, mom, Kara, was just about to enter her third trimester with their third little one and they didn't know the gender yet.  Wouldn't you know it, a few short months later and Michael and Kara welcomed their THIRD little boy into the world!!!

Watching them interact with their adorable boys got me SO excited for our own little boy and you better believe I'll be hitting Kara up for boy mom advice in the near future!  Lessons I learned about parenting boys from this session:  

  • I *MUST* travel with a soccer ball and/or a train/car at all timesI
  • Keeping a little boy clean is a full-time job
  • Buy a really good pair of sneakers...I'll be doing a lot of running!
  • Little boys LOVE their mommas something fierce!

What would you add to the list??

I saw this cute poem the other day and just had to share it with all you other boy mommies!

"What Are Little Boys Made Of?" by Patsy Gaut
A wee bit of dirt
and a devilish grin...
curious eyes and
spaghetti sauce chin...
A dollop of mud
behind his right ear,
And a handful of worms
in his pocket I fear.
You see his knees
through the holes in his jeans.
He likes ice cream
but won't eat his beans.
He's made of mudpies
and bubble gum kisses
And wonder at Christmas
and birthday wishes
And a heap of giggles
and wiggles and love;
These are the things
little boys are made of.