A Beautiful Fall Day with the Hupperts | Ashburn, VA Family Photographer

 The Hupperts of Ashburn, VA enjoying their fall family photography session

This fall, I had a wonderful time walking Morven Park in Leesburg, VA with this tight-knit crew for their fall family portraits.  It was a gorgeous autumn day and we strolled around the fields and gardens talking about school and the kids' activities and how Mom and Dad met.  They are college sweethearts- Hokies(!!!) and, therefore, the best kind of people.  ;-)  I loved hearing and watching how different their three children are and seeing their personalities come to life in front of my lens.  

I thought it was so cute that Natalie, the youngest, would ask Mom, Andi, to tell her stories from when they were little...like the time they got their dog or about when she was born.  I could tell she has heard the stories a million times, but her face lit up as she listened to mom tell their special family stories.  I could have hung out with them all night because they were so adorable!

I absolutely LOVE it when clients choose to have me make a custom-designed album of their images!  Andi and I met up at a local coffee shop after the session to chat about album options and look at samples.  The end result was gorgeous and I remember her texting me after getting her album and wall art (she made a gallery wall with the images that turned out so beautifully!) saying "I bet you can hear my squeal of joy all the way at your house!  Thank you! Thank you!!"  

No, thank YOU Huppert family!  You were a pleasure to work with and I am so happy that you have some beautiful updated portraits that you can treasure forever.